Olaplex review: does it repair damaged hair?

Hey guys and gals!

If you’ve ever bleached your hair (or use heat styling products a lot), you’ll be well acquainted with the reality of dry, damaged, frazzled and frizzy af hair.

I’ve actually only bleached my hair once or twice in the past few years and for a while, everything was grand. But for the past few months, my hair has become v damaged. It falls out, snaps and breaks ALL the time and has this weird dry, matted texture when I brush through it. Basically my hair of late has essentially been some straw attached to my head.

Now, I’ve tried countless hair masks and conditioning products that claimed to do the most but just didn’t really help. So, short of chopping all my hair off and starting from scratch (and believe me, I don’t have the kind of bone structure to make a bob work), I was out of ideas.

Enter Olaplex

But then I read about Olaplex. You’ve probably heard of it because it’s been hailed in beauty circles as some kind of miracle product. It’s what Kim Kardashian uses and endorses (without being paid to), and it’s supposedly how she manages to go from dark to bleached blonde and back again without all her hair falling out.

Sounds amazing! But what exactly is it? How does it work? Will it resurrect my hair from the dead like Jesus on Easter morning? I needed answers.

How does it work?

As a go to for many hair colourists, it claims to have been scientifically formulated to literally reverse the damage that dyeing and bleaching can do. Not just fill in the bonds, like many hair conditioning treatments, but actually repair them. It’s a binder, so it’s supposed to reform the disulphide bonds that make up the hair – bonds that are fragmented, damaged and shattered from bleaching.

It’s a three-part system, but the first two are used in-salon and I just got the No.3 Hair Perfector, which is the bit you use at home. Each step contains the primary active ingredient bisamonoproyl diglycol dimaleate (which is the stuff that repairs the bonds) but this step contains the smallest amount.

So, after perusing all the many positive reviews online, I bought into the hype and decided to purchase this. Prices vary from different places but I think I paid about £18.

First impressions

Annoyingly, it comes in a very small bottle. BUT as long as it delivers on it’s promise of mending my dry, crunchy split-end clad hair and gives me the glossy, soft and shiny locks reminiscent of a Pantene advert, it should be worth it!

As per the instructions, I applied this (generously) to mainly the ends. It says to leave on for 10 minutes, but I always leave things on for longer so I decided to leave it on overnight so my hair could really soak up the product.


When I washed the product out and dried my hair, my first impression was that my hair felt actually SOFT. It hasn’t felt soft in ages, it’s just felt dry and matted and frazzled. It feels waaaay smoother and silkier and I can run my fingers through it getting caught in a tangle. Promising!

I would actually say Olaplex seems to have repaired some of the damage in the ends of my hair and it actually seems a lot healthier already. The texture of it felt so dry and unpleasant – almost like a dreadlock – and now it feels much smoother.

It’s still not perfect. But the bottle says to use once a week, and even though it’s small, I have around half of the bottle left. But I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has the kind of damage from bleach I’ve described. If you don’t want to cut your hair off but you want some way to try and smooth the damage and get silky, shiny, healthy hair again, definitely try this!

Thanks for reading!

Harriet xoxo














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